Is it possible to custom my controller?

François Legrand -

Yes! There is one in the Studio. Let’s see how to activate it and what you can do with it:

First, activate the custom controller by clicking on the toggle of the controller section, below the timeline (wait for a couple of seconds for the project to update).

Select the object in your project to customize its general settings and design:

General settings

The setting allows you to choose if you want to add cue points on the progress bar or not and if you want to add social media sharing.


In this section, you may modify mostly the colors of the parts of your controller, and its global opacity.

Behavior of the controller

The controller will appear in the screen if the mouse moves in it. After 5 seconds without any mouse’s actions in the screen, the controller will disappear (drown drop).

When present, the viewer may put its mouse over the cue points. It will activate the cue point title. On click, the video jumps to the time of the cue point.

  • Click on  to play mceclip4.png pause the video
  • Click on mceclip5.png, to switch to full screen mode. Click again to return to the normal mode (or ‘esc’ key)
  • Click on mceclip6.png, to open the social sharing buttons   for Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Pinterest. You can select to deactivate this button. If you leave it you can also select the social media you want to share.

The cue points


You can add as many as you want:

  • Select a timecode with the cursor mceclip9.png on the progress bar of the studio
  • Click on mceclip10.png to create a new cue point
  • Click twice on the toggle of the controller section to update the object and make appear the little inverted triangle on the progress bar.
  • To add a label to the cue point: select one in the controller section by clicking on it. A new section will appear in the parameter section of the Studio « Timeline », next to « Project ». There, fill the « label » field.

  • To delete a cue point: select the cue point by clicking on it. Then, click on the red cross near the controller section:
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