What is the pop-up Quiz V2? How do I use it?

François Legrand -

This is an unic or multi-choices questionnary kind of test. You can create one with one or more questions, with proposals to select by checking one or more boxes.

 You choose also the final action: you decide if the viewer needs a minimum of good answers to go further.

 The parameters of this Quiz:

  • Number of questions,
  • Number of proposals, If there is only one or more proposals to check to answer correctly,
  • Adding an image to illustrate the question,
  • When questions are answered and validated, the result is given immediatly with a possible explanation / correction,
  • Final action: minimum of good answers required or not, and choice of action: url, jump, activate new pop-up,

You can also customize your test in the design tab: a selection of Google fonts, the different colors and the possibility to remove the header and the close button, letting you to decide wether the viewer should go further in the video or maybe watch the previous sequence again.

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