How to create a text image popup?

Jacques Cazin -

 Select ‘txt image’ in the popup provider.

In the General tab:

  1. Add your text content. You can click on the pencil button to access the text editor.
  2. Add an image. You can either copy and paste the image URL or upload your own image. Accepted formats: .jpg, .gif, .png, .svg.
  3. Button Action activated: you will get a call to action just under your block of text. You just have to give it a name and to add the link that will be opened in a new tab if viewers click on it.


In the Design tab:

  1. Media
  • Size: the image size is proportional to the popup size. For example, if size = 50, the image will account for 50% of the popup space.
  • Position: the image can be on the top, the bottom, the left or the right side of the popup.
  • Separation: this is the separation size in pixels between the image and the text.
  • Marge-in: this is the marge-in size in pixels between the popup content (image and text) and the popup borders.
  1. Text: you can change the font family, the font size and the font color.
  2. ‘Ratio’ activated: it will keep the original ratio. The platform will automatically crop the image borders so it fits 100% of the popup. If this option is not activated, the image can be distorted as the ratio is not preserved.

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