How to create a slider image popup?

Jacques Cazin -

   Select carousel in the popup provider.

In the General tab:

  1. Specify the number of slides (=images) that you want to add.

  2. For each slide, add an image. You can either copy and paste the image URL or upload an image. You can also add a text caption.

  3. Autoplay: it will automatically slide the images.


Note: we advise you to choose images of the same size. This popup is set up to display an image in the entire pop-up, so the platform automatically crops the borders so the image fits 100% of the popup.


In the Design tab, you can change:

  • The marge-in = the size in pixels between the image border and the popup border
  • The legend = the text to comment the image
    • Font family
    • Font size
    • Font color
    • Legend background color
    • Legend height (% of the popup height, between 0% and 50%)
  • Arrow
    • Type
    • Position
    • Color
  • Animation = animation of the images, this is about the way the images are displayed in the popup. This is different from the popup animation that is about the way the popup is opened and closed.
    • Effect
    • Duration
    • Easing


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