How to create a table of content popup?

Jacques Cazin -

 Select Table of contents in the popup provider.

In the General tab:

  1. Specify the number of chapters that you want to add.
  2. For each chapter (=item), add a title and specify the time code (minutes: seconds: milliseconds). If the viewer clicks on this chapter in the popup, the video will jump directly at this specific time code.
  3. Close popup after seeking: if this option is activated, the popup will automatically be closed after jumping to one of the chapters.
  4. Play after seeking: if this option is activated, the video will automatically play after jumping to one of the chapters.


In the Design tab, you can change:

  • The marge-in = the size in pixels with the popup border
  • The content font = the font of the chapter text and the chapter number
    • Font select = font family
    • Font size
    • Font color
    • Font color mouse over
  • Item
    • The margin: margin between two items
    • Item background color mouse hover
  • Numbered items = numbers of the chapters
    • Numbered items display: if activated, the chapter numbers will be displayed
    • Numbered items color
    • Numbered items color mouse over
  • Separations line = horizontal line between two items
    • Item separation color: color of the line.
    • Theme: type of line
  • Arrow
    • Type
    • Position
    • Color
  • Animation = animation of the images, this is about the way the images are displayed in the popup. This is different from the popup animation that is about the way the popup is opened and closed.
    • Effect
    • Duration
    • Easing



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