Which browsers are supported by Adways interactive videos?

François Legrand -

Interactive videos made with the Adways Studio are working on almost all browsers and devices. Below the table with compatibilities :

Regarding Internet Explorer, the interactivity only works for versions equal or above IE8.

If the interactive video is viewed in the Safari for iPhone browser specifically, the interactivity will not work because Safari read the video by himself without any interactivity. For Windows Smartphones, you will have the same issue. For Android however, interactivity works with recent browsers.

Within an iPhone app, interactive videos work well. We can develop a white-label app for you. 

Why this problem on mobile web browsers for iPhone and Windows?

On the iPhone, the video is never read with Safari directly. Quicktime, the video application, reads the video. If the programmer puts “ webkit-playsinline=”true” “, then interactivity works. In a web browser like Safari, videos are on « false » by default so it doesn’t work.

See article on mobile integration.

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