How to create a pulsar image hotspot?

Jacques Cazin -

In the hotspot provider, select the ‘pulsar image’ then: 

  1. In the General tab, add an image. You can either copy and paste the image URL or upload your own image.
  2. Click on the Design tab to set up the pulsar, the pastille and the image:
    1. Pulsar: change the color, the thickness, the number of circles (note: minimum 2 circles) and the speed of the pulsar.
    2. Pastille: change the color and the size. The pastille size is proportional to the hotspot size.
    3. Image: change the size. The image size is proportional to the pastille size.

You can also “circle mask” it.


Note: by default, the pastille width is 80.00 and the image width is 50.00.

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