Which privacy settings do you need to choose on YouTube to stream your video on the Adways Studio ?

François Legrand -

On YouTube, you have 3 privacy options when uploading your video* :

Public : Videos are viewable by everyone

Unlisted : Videos are viewable only by users with the link of your video

Private : Videos are viewable only by you or the people authorized with their mail address 

Compatibility with our studio :

To be streamed on the Studio your video needs to be public or unlisted.

N.B : You can upload your video as unlisted on YouTube just to stream it on the Studio and then change the setting to « private »

* More information : https://support.google.com/youtube/answer/157177?hl=en


Be carefulIf you can’t stream your video on the Studio, check advanced settings to be sure that you allowed « embedding » such as below.

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